Carly Jordynn,
Author, Blogger, Speaker 

Author, Blogger, Speaker


  January 5     No Blog - Revamping
January 15     No Blog - Revamping
January 25     No Blog - Revamping
February 5     Carly Jordynn  "Just Write the Book"
February 15   Carly Jordynn  "Character Boards"
February 25   Tricia Sanders
March 5          Linda O'Connor
March 15       Jeri Hoag
March 25       Maddie Ginsberg
April 5           Sally McDonough, Author Interview
April 15         Character Interview with Kelly O'Brien of                             Carly Jordynn's Forest of the Mist: Guardians

April 25         M. Kay Klevin
May 5            Peyton Garver
May 15          Rhonda Frankhauser, Author Interview
May 25          Joanne Guidoccio
June 5            Jaycee Jarvis, Book Feature
June 15          Paradise Gone:  Carly Jordynn
June 25          Christina Kirby
July 5             Michelle Jean Marie, Author Interview
July 15           Iuliana Foos, Book Feature
July 25
August 5
August 15
August 25
September 5
September 15
September 25  Linda O'Connor
October 5
October 15
October 25     Cynthia Veldman
November 5
November 15  Patti Smith
November 25
December 5
December 15
December 25

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January 16   Turned in Forest of the Mist: Guardians to editor
February 5   Carly on Carly's View
February 15  Carly on Carly's View
April 12        Carly's Birthday
April 15        Carly on Carly's View
June 15        Carly on Carly's View
July 23         Cover Reveal of Forest of the Mist: Guardians
October 18   Carly on Linda O'Connor Blog
December 5  Forest of the Mist: Guardians release date
December 7  Carly on Joanne Guidoccio Blog

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