Carly Jordynn,
Author, Blogger, Speaker 

Author, Blogger, Speaker


January 1st - Forest of the Mist: Travelers in the Cover Wars Contest

January 5th - Character Interview with Blake Hutcherson 

of Sasha Bishop: Final Countdown

January 8th - Winner of Cover Wars by Author Shout

January 15th - Book Review of Chasing the Painted Skies for Ryan Jo Summers

January 25th Premiere of Carly's Book Overview Video on You Tube

January 25th - Author Interview with Maggie Mundy

February 5th - RJ Frankenhouser - book feature of Return to Ruby's Ranch

February 15th - Guest Blog from Jessie Salisbury

March 5th - Open

March 15th - Book Review, Peyton Garver

March 19th - Sasha Bishop: Retired Slayer in cover Wars Contest with Author Shout

March 25th - Rachel Sharpe, Character Interview

April 5th - Author Interview with Stacy Keywell

April 12th - Carly's Birthday!

April 15th - Abby Reed

April 25th - Claire Gem

May 5th -   Series Feature, Linda O'Connor

May 15th - Jane Ederlyn Book Review

May 25th - Christine Hart, Character Interview

June 5th - Tina Susedik, guest blog

June 15th - Joanne Guidoccio, guest blog

June 25th - Open

July 5th - Open

July 15th - Book Review, Madelyn Hill

July 25th - Open

August 5th - Open

August 15th - Open

August 25th - Open

September 5th - Open

September 15th -Book Review

September 25th - Open

October 5th - Open

October 15th - Open

October 25th - Open

November 5th - Open

November 15th - Book Review

November 25th - Open

December 5th - Open

December 15th - Open

December 25th - Carly on her own blog







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